Our story

Rebecca Bright, MBE and Swapnil Gadgil founded Therapy Box in 2010. Identifying a gap in the market, the duo designed and developed Predictable to help people with communication difficutlies to be able to communicate. Using Rebecca’s experience as a speech therapist, the app enabled people with MND, ALS, cerebral palsy and other difficulties to be able to use the first switch accessible iPad app to help people communicate.

The team has grown since then and has worked to expand its own app range to include ChatAble, Scene & Heard, Inku and the DubDub education range. In addition the team in London provide bundles of tablets with apps and specialty cases to suit NHS and school based users of the apps.

Using our expertise in inclusive app design and development, the company expanded to become a specialist multi platform developer for clients in the education and healthcare arena. This includes bringing the latest inclusive design to apps for universities, schools, hospitals and large organisations such as Jisc and the United Nations. The team has the experience to deliver large cross platform projects to market in collaboration and consultation with its clients.

Our philosophy

We develop apps to help people with disabilities to live a more independent and better life. We focus on people encountering difficulties in communicating, difficulties which can be caused by MND, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, or autism, for example.

We pay a lot of attention to your feedback. Your opinion, needs and ideas really contribute to the improvement of the apps! By taking into account what would be best for you, we can work together to make the app better, easier to use and, ultimately, more useful.

At Therapy Box, our goal is to help people who encounter difficulties due to a disability to live a better, fuller life. Our main fields of action are therefore the health, education and AAC sectors. We focus on developing simple, helpful apps that people can use in their daily lives.

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